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Specialising in Exotic Sports - Prestige - Luxury - Show & Muscle Cars
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From a passion for automotive appearance, Rodger founded Direct Auto Detailing in 1995 as a part time business . His determination to provide his clients with the very finest car care possible, grew into a fulltime business, and thrives today through his commitment to personal service, meticulous attention to detail and  insistence on total customer satisfaction. All of which has earned him a reputation of excellence. Direct Auto Detailing is not a franchise or part of a franchised business.
At our NEW HEADQUARTERS at Seven Hills, Direct Auto Detailing - Does not provide your run of the mill car detailing service, we specialise in prestige and luxury vehicles including super cars and show cars, this does not mean that we don't provide the same level of care for the everyday car, the majority of our cliental drive Ford, Holden, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Toyota's to name a few.

At Direct Auto Detailing we work to a standard not a price. We do have some set starting prices to give prospective clients an idea of what they can expect to be covered in a particular type of service. We are constantly upgrading our training and the service we provide. Regularly  trialling and developing new products in conjunction with Xpert Products Worldwide to exceed the common standard of products other detailers are currently using. We don't use or have 100's of different brand products to grease your car with, which can cause cross contamination and hazards to your and our health, like other detailers. We use a single brand product from start to finish, providing you with a clean, uncontaminated mirror finish.

The Direct Auto Detailng team are focused on the proper techniques and products required to bring all surfaces to the highest standards. Direct Auto Detailng use the latest developments in refinishing polishing technologies.

The Direct Auto Detailng team provides solutions for owners who are seeking professional paint polishing, correction and aftercare.

Company Overview
Direct Auto Detailng is the premium quality detailer for prestige, classic and show vehicle owners.

As a car owner, you have made a considerable investment in the purchase of your car, regular maintenance is a must. Along with tuning the engine and rotating the tyres, it is important to care for the interior and exterior of your car. Keeping the interior and exterior clean, protected and well maintained goes a long way towards improving and preserving the appearance of your car.

What we don't do is re-spray paint work, tint windows, paintless dent repair (PDR), mechanical repairs, fit tyres, motor trimming or replace windscreens, however, while your car is with us and you require any of these services we can organise them for you.

Isn't it time to treat your car to the care it deserves? Whether you need to have your car fully detailed, regularly cared for or require our paint rectification service, we will tend to your individual needs and take the time that is needed to have your car looking right.

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