After cleaning with prep-bar, seal your freshly cleaned paint with your choice of Xpert Crystal Wax or Titanium II Paint Sealant.

An alternative to a spray Quick Detailer is good old soapy water. This is ideal if your paint is heavily contaminated (very dirty). Be sure to rinse your wash mitt thoroughly and use a fresh bucket of soapy water made using Xpert Cherry Silk Gel Car Wash, not what’s left over from washing.
Start by cutting the prep-bar into thirds. I do this so I don't use the whole prep-bar for one use, plus if you drop it you're not wasting a whole bar.
Mold the prep-bar by squeezing it in your hand, once it becomes pliable roll it into a ball and flatten into a disc shape about 5mm thick.
Spray a generous amount of Xpert Quik Detailer to lubricate a 90cm x 90cm area.
Glide the prep-bar back and forth over the wet area of the paint using little to no pressure. If the prep-bar sticks, add more lubricant. As the prep-bar goes over the paint you will feel and hear the prep-bar removing the contaminates.
Keep going over the area until the prep-bar glides easily and you no longer feel or hear contaminates on the paint.
When the prep-bar becomes dirty, fold it upon its self and knead it until a clean surface appears. Also check the prep-bar periodically to make sure that you didn't pick up any large contaminates that might scratch the paint
Remove the prep-bar lubricant with a microfiber cloth and move to the next section.
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The Xpert Prep-Bar Lubrication

Detailing prep-bar lubrication is very basic. You need to use a liquid that is slippery enough to allow the prep-bar to glide over the prep-bar surface without dragging. At the same time, the lubrication itself cannot harm the paint or the prep-bar bar. We recommend the Xpert Quick Detailer as the preferred lubricant.

If you prefer, you can prep-bar your car outside immediately after you wash and rinse. Instead of using Xpert Quick Detailer, use a bucket of soapy water made with Xpert Cherry Silk Gel Wash. As you will learn in the next topic, it's faster and easier to do it this way.
It is important that the surface of the paint is clean and cool to the touch before using detailing prep-bar.  Using a detailing prep-bar on a dirty or dusty car will scratch your paint.

After you thoroughly wash and dry your car, feel the paint. Do you feel small bumps and rough spots?

These little bumps are bits of bonded contamination that your regular washing did not remove. Detailing prep-bar will remove it with little effort.
Bonded contamination (road tar, acid rain spots, bug residue, paint over-spray, brake pad dust, hard water spots, etc.) slowly attacks your car's paint finish. When you use detailing prep-bar as a cleaner, you will improve the look, feel, and health of your car's paint.
How-to Use the Xpert Prep-Bar

Even though Prep-Bars are abrasive, if used properly they will not marr the paint. There are "Clay Bars" available that will marr the paint no matter how careful you are, these are designed to remove heavy overspray.
A Prep-Bar (also called a Clay Bar) is used to remove contaminates from the surface of your paint leaving your paint silky smooth. It works by gliding the bar across a wet surface of your paint. This will pick up and remove anything that protrudes from the paint.

Until Xpert detailing prep-bar came into common use, most people used a cleaner wax or paint polish to remove surface crud and oxidation. The Xpert Prep-Bar replaces the paint cleaning function of car polishes and cleaner waxes.

As cleaning paint is the most frequent use of a car polish, The Xpert Prep-Bar became important, because:
Today's car paint finishes, with a clear coat top layer, are much thinner than paint systems from 10 years ago, and too much polishing causes premature wear;
After UV exposure from the sun causing paint oxidation, the biggest cause of paint damage is bonded contamination; and
Using The Xpert Prep-Bar to remove bonded contamination is faster and easier than polishing alone.
Xpert Detail prep-bar removes contamination on the top layer of paint;
The Xpert Prep-Bar will not fix scratches, etching and other damage in the top layer of paint; and
A The Xpert Prep-Bar will not increase paint shine, although it will remove the grime so the natural, gloss finish will shine through.
While Xpert detailing prep-bar is a great paint cleaning tool, it does not replace the other two important functions of a car polish:
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For the best care of your car, use a The Xpert Prep-Bar 3-4 times a year. Use it before you wax your car.

If your car has any kind of paint damage, this includes scratches, water spot damage or swirl marks, prep-bar your car first, then polish it with the appropriate Xpert polish.
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