So You're Thinking About Paint Protection
You're off to buy yourself a car, you go to your auto alley, after looking at cars for what seems like forever, eventually you find the car you want. While waiting for the papers to sign, the salesperson suggests adding amongst a whole heap of things you didn't intend to buy, "Paint Protection" you're told that it will protect the paint from weather damage, acid rain, bird droppings, industrial fallout, water spotting and the list goes on, oh and a bonus "you will never need to polish the car" and because you are such a special customer we can make this one time offer to you for a mere $2000.00 (extra). Now that you head is spinning, you might think you're getting a good deal because you want to be sure that your car retains it's beautiful good looks. There are some things that you need to know before you sign on the dotted line.

There are many costly (so called) paint protection systems car dealers and a lot of detailers may offer and the cost is worn by you. These products cost them very little compared to what they charge you. They inflate the price, depending on how much they think they can get away with (how gullible are you). If  you baulk at the price, they suddenly can offer to do you a huge discount, sometimes up to 50% off.  At this point you should consider this... why couldn't they have offered that price up front. Just how honest are they?

It is common sense that any business wants to make a profit, and uses you to obtain it. If he's cutting the price in half, you don't need to guess he can go lot lower. If you are given a moment to read the fine print (they generally don't like you to do this) in the warranty for this "exceptional deal", you will generally note that most will have several caveats (a get out of gaol free card for the business providing your paint protection) stating something like, it's your responsibility to take the car in periodically, usually every 6 -12 months, to have the protection renewed or inspected. You can only wash your car with a proprietary product that they promote. Failure to do so will void the warranty. So what will you be spending all that money for? These people do this because they are playing a numbers game "so will, some won't so what next"  We all know that things can happen in life, you might forget or are unable to find the time to take the car in to them. This puts the odds in their favour, why not sell paint protection plans and warrantees and be paid for doing little or better yet nothing.

A couple of questions you should think to ask. If your cars paint gets this protection, why does it need to be inspected and re-inspected? why does it need to be re-applied? why can't you use any other product to wash your car? Surely it's been protected, right?

After you have listened to their spiel about why you just have to have this paint protection system, smile and say "No!"

A recent example of Dealership Paint Protection (
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Direct Auto Detailing  has trialled many of the so called paint protection products that are on offer for you to have applied or apply yourself. All have failed miserably, but don't let it be said that we are one eyed or have a closed mind that such a product is possible short of employing someone to stand with a umbrella over your car.

Direct Auto Detailing has done it's own research into paint protection products and although some give a veneer of protection for a short time they don't come anywhere near close to the lifetime of protection or even in some cases 5 years of protection. Also don't believe everything you see on the internet, if you have ever seen the "lighter strike the protected panel" demo in the internet, this shows you how they do it ( ).

There is only one product we have tested and are willing to reccomend "Outer-Limits Coatings". Here is why we recommend this product,

1. Ease of application, DIY if you want.

2. Protection period 3 years (although it has been on our vehicle for just over 4 years and still appears to be working).

3. No caviates, wash your car with any of the shelf car wash. No inspections required. No annual reapplication of the Outer-Limits Coating.

4 Minimal curing time, Outer-Limits Coating has a 1 hour initial cure - 24 hours fully cured

5. Your car does not have to be new for the Outer-Limits Coating treatment, but the newer your paint the better it will look. As Outer-Limits does not contain fillers, any swirl marks or scratches which are there prior to application will still be there following the Outer-Limits Coating application. We can provide paint rectification (polishing out swirls and scratches) for your vehicle prior to appling the Outer-Limits Coating.

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