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Paint Rectification
What Is Paint Rectification?
What is paint rectification or as some call it paint correction? Simply put paint rectification is restoring the cars paint back to a better than new appearance, you will hear some detailers say that it is giving your car a showroom finish or look like new. Unfortunately to me those detailers are either inexperienced or lack a fundamental idea of what paint rectification is all about, and should be steered clear of.

True paint rectification is carried out by a person passionate about the appearance of the vehicle entrusted to them. The ultimate perfectionist who doesn’t work to a time that the vehicle will be finished by, but rather that the vehicle will be finished when there is nothing left to be done.

First the car is rinsed to remove any lose dirt, dust and other deposits, it is then given our intense pH neutral foam bath soaking and left to soften up the heavier dirt and bug deposits still attached to the vehicle, this is then rinsed off with a high pressure spray. This is all done before we touch the vehicle by hand.

The next step is to gently hand wash the vehicle once again with our pH neutral Cherry Silk Wash and a micro-fibre cloth or mitt then given a high pressure rinse to carry away the dirt from the paint.
Using A Prep-Bar (called a clay bar by some)

This is the point at which we use the prep-bar to really clean the paints surface of any remaining wax, sealants and contaminants embedded deep in the surface that might interfere with the machine polishing. If you have never had the vehicle treated to this process, you will be blown away when you see the amount of dirt which is removed by the prep-bar. This stage is once again followed by a rinse.
Next the car is dried with a miro-fibre chamois and high volume air blower. To help prevent damage to external rubbers, plastics and decals, automotive bodywork tape is used to mask up these items.
This preparation can take an hour or more to complete. The car is now ready to be polished.
The condition of the paint work and the required end result will determine how many stages polishing will be required. We have two polishes that we use the Xpert 1000 Ultra Polish and Xpert 1500 Hi Tech Finishing Polish which one we use will depend on the initial condition of the top clear coat or paint depending on the age of the vehicle. It is not a matter of cutting and compounding the paint which the majority of “detailers” do, leaving holograms, pig-tails and a heap of new swirl marks. We slowly and gently finesse the paint with two different polishers, an orbital and a duel action (DA) and one polish with a combination of foam and or wool polishing pads unlike anything else on the market today.

The end result is ultimately dependant on the preparation work that precedes the polishing of the paint, to get to that 100% flawless finish the last 5% of polishing is the hardest to see and subsequently remove. To get from 95% to 100% can sometimes take twice as long as the initial 95%.  As I said it is not finished until there is nothing left to do, we will re-do sections until it is 100% swirl free. Once finished I have had many clients state that their vehicle didn’t look this good when they bought it new.

Cleaning Up and Finishing

Once the required result is achieved with the machine polishing, the car is then washed again to remove any residue and dust from panel joins and door jams. After the car is dried, we need to protect the newly corrected surface.

We start by applying Xpert Titanium II Paint Sealant by hand to give maximum protection from the elements and lock in the shine. We then finish the process with the Xpert Crystal Carnauba Wax for long term protection, leaving a clean non greasy finish just an amazing shine.
Finally the windows are cleaned with Xpert Chrome & Glass Cleaner and the tyres are dressed with a Non-Silicon Dressing that does not sling and gives a finish that you may not have thought possible.

How Long Does It Take?

If you own a European manufactured vehicle, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche or similar, these use the harder paint types, and in most post 2005 cars use Ceramic Nano Clear Coats. These Ceramic paint jobs are much harder and require more time but all can be polished with the two polishes we use. Please don’t be mislead by detailers wheedling a vast array of exotic polishes, compounds and ridiculously over priced waxes stating your vehicle will need all of their products to get the result you are after and we can provide.

On average there is no average just an approximation of time it will take. There are of course many variables that need to be taken into consideration including, condition of paint and size of vehicle. A quote can be arranged to provide a more accurate estimate, but there may still be small variances.
As you can see there is a lot of hard work that goes into the service that we provide. All we ask is that this information is taken into consideration when making comparisons with our competitors.

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