What Our Clients Have To Say
Garden Wall Systems
Direct Auto detailing has been cleaning all our company cars for over 5 years now. The level of service offered is above and beyond what was expected. Rodger takes a lot of pride in his work which is reflected in the final result. We are very happy customers.
Nick Holden – GWS Tarren Point
We decided to have the car detailed because we are returning the car to its original owner and wanted it to look as good as when the car was given to us.

I couldn't believe the overall appearance when it was finished, it looked Brand New!  Really I couldn't believe it, it looked fantastic. My husband came home later that day and said it looked as though it had been re-painted.

I would definitely use Direct Auto Detailing again, I believe it is value for money and would recommend your services to my friends and family.

Anne McDade - Lidcombe  1986 Daihatsu Charade
Colin L Davis & Co.

Our company has been having vehicles detailed by Rodger since he began his business. We started with one car being cleaned and now have a mixture of six company and staff vehicles being maintained on a regular basis.  I am very pleased with the level of service he provides.

Rodger calls us a few days in advance with a reminder that he will be coming on a certain day and time and has never let us down. I can't fault the level of service that he provides, one of such pride and reliability, that is imperative to our business.

Thanks Rodger, our vehicles are always left looking and smelling like they are new, we appreciate the fantastic service you provide.

Colin L Davis - Castle Hill NSW
Gatorz Eyeware

I have used Direct Auto Detailing to clean my cars, boat and trucks.  I said "I want the car to look a million dollars" Rodger said "you aim too low"
I was totally blown away at the work carried out by Rodger. I could never get the car to shine like that, it was an absolute mirror finish, Wow.
APS Versiclad Moorebank NSW
Rodger has been taking care of several of my vehicles as well as my employees cars for over two years. His attention to detail and genuine care for our vehicles is more than we could have expected. Nothing is ever too much to ask. I am well and truly impressed with the service he provides and am happy to  recommend Direct Auto Detailing to anyone who cares about their car.
Direct Auto Detailing has taken care of my last two vehicles, keeping them in top condition.  As a busy mum with 2 young kids as well as running a business with my husband the last thing on my priority list is to wash my car.  However it’s an asset that deserves attention to keep it looking good.  Rodger has given fantastic service with an attention to detail that those “by the road car wash / café’s” just don’t give you.  He arrives as promised and with little fuss or interruption to my routine takes care of the car.  I’d recommend Rodger and Direct Auto Detailing to anyone who wants a quality job done with no hassle and at a reasonable price.  Direct Auto Detailing will continue to get my business way past the current vehicle I’m driving.

Gaibrielle – Northmead - NSW
Gerry's Automotive
We've been using Direct Auto Detailing providing an added service for our customers. None of them can believe how fantastic their car looks when they arrive to pick it up. I'm happy to recommend Rodger and Direct Auto Detailing to anyone who wants to have their car done.

Gerry's Automotive - Seven Hills - NSW
Ebony & Ivory
For the first time we had Rodger detail our family Subaru, Rodger arrived on time (actually he was early) this was a good start. Our car had severe scratching on the bonnet and I really thought that it would need to be resprayed. After some time of buffing etc, Rodger managed to get the bonnet almost back to its original state. I was thrilled.  

We wanted our car detailed as we are selling it but now I am having second thoughts.

I was so impressed with the quality of Rodgers work that I am having him come back to detail our second vehicle. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend "Direct Auto Detailing".

Sue Ryan - Ryde - NSW
Glenhaven Veterinary Clinic
Direct Auto Detailing was recommended to us by our bookkeeper three and a half years ago and Rodger has been taking care of our work and personal vehicles ever since. Our two 4WD's and my Audi A4, he is always cheerful and willing to go that extra mile. Our cars always look fantastic when he has finished with them, he obviously loves what he does and that shows in the quality of his work.

I have recommended Rodger to many of our clients and friends and am happy to continue doing so.

Keep up the good work Rodger.

Gordon & Helen - Glenhaven - NSW
Direct Auto Detailing are true professionals, they are reliable and meticulous in every detail of cleaning my car. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an expert clean of their vehicle.

Aaron Davidson
Construction Manager, Glenhaven NSW
Rodger turned up with all his gear and he spent from 9am till past 6pm on my car.. the paintwork had been washed by idiots during the life of the car so it had a huge amount of spider web scratching all over, and a few deeper scratches to boot.

The results were amazing, as he said, "better than new".

He charged $450 which yeah it is steep, but he knows his stuff and gave the car
more attention than we expected it would need at the outset, so I think I got a
break on the price given the hours he spent. All the trim was taped up first, he
removed the spoiler. The whole nine yards.

if you use him tell him you saw the black skyline on SAU. I don't get any benefit from
this, just want to thank him for the work.

Justin Beech - Coogee - NSW
Posted on http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums
I just got my engine detailed from Rodger, such a nice bloke and very helpful. Willing to teach you the secrets of his trade.  Well worth the money it in my opinion, do you see how shiny the damn brace is LOL. Anyways he charged me extra due to the call out since I do live quite far away but I still was damn happy with the job and will call him to do the rest of my car.
Andrew Trieu, Rosemeadow NSW
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Dear Rodger,
Thank you for coming out to detail my car. I felt I had to let you know just how impressed I was with you and your standard of work. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical about the level of finish I could expect when my brother talked up what you could do to improve the finish of my car. The level of gloss is unbelievable I can't stop looking at the car.
Sincerely John - NSW
I first met Rodger at a car show, I had recently spent top dollar on having my Thunderbird resprayed, but the polish job had been a total disappointment. The car war covered in swirls and micro scratches. Since Rodger and his team have been looking after the car, the paint work is absolutely immaculate. My 1964 Thunderbird has gone on since to win award after award at every show it's been entered in. There isn't a better detailing team and I wouldn't trust anyone else to touch my baby, great work guys.
Pat - Prestons NSW
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Dear Rodger,

It was an absolute pleasure to have met you yesterday and have spent the time to understand what goes into creating such a beautiful finished product like I saw with my beloved Z3.
I enjoyed your company and could not be happier with how things turned out.

Please keep me in mind for when you get your company up and running as want to be the first person you hire and train so I can eventually deliver the same spectacular results as you do and I would truly enjoy the learning experience of working with you and hopefully one day be able to detail a car with the same passion and finish.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year!

Kindest Regards

George Kawauchi - Petersham - NSW

Dear All,
I was looking at getting my ute cleaned/polished & general tidy up prior to putting it up for sale. Found Rodger's site and went straight to the testimonials. I was a little sus' as you would only ever post your good ones but all of the ones I read were full of praise for Rodger's work.

So I called Rodger and arranged to have the ute detailed.

I can safely say that everything I read was true & then some. Rodger's attention to detail is second to none & the ute looked absolutely fantastic. I have always looked after my cars but never thought it could look as good as it did. Made me want to keep it a while longer. Was well worth the investment. I am going to have Rodger detail my new car from the get go to ensure it looks as good in 5 years as it does today.

D Lefrhaft, North Ryde NSW

I heard about Direct Auto Detailing by looking for a car detailer on Google.
The company website was very impressive with all the photos and product descriptions and so on... However, anyone can post anything on their website and shows you what you want to read.
My car is a convertible Audi A4 B6 with faded and scratched interior trim (as they all are), buckets of beach sands inside and around the console, and faded front lights from excessive sun. Since purchase from 1st owner, I wanted to do the detailing job but couldn't trust anyone would be able to make such a big job. The inside is really miserable and rejuvenation is required everywhere!
I called Rodger after seeing 2 other mobile detailers in the area. Rodger was the most expensive of the 3 but I could feel the passion to his work from the first meeting. He recommended a full detail job which he estimated to be 2 full days work. Yes, he is expensive but worth every penny.
The work started on a rainy day, so Rodger did the work inside the garage. I was worried that not enough light but Rodger was equipped with a massive light for him to see every tiny detail in the car.
After a complete 2 days of work, I swear the car ended up like a new plastic toy from the shop. Unbelievable! Every part of the car had a sparkling shiny star. Even the front lights, they are literally as brand new lights (a big saving if I have chosen to change the lights) ....The inside is crystal after the dead look it had before. Everything clean, shiny and rejuvenated. Underneath the seats, in between the plastic vents in the console, every corner, every plastic and leather bit, even in between the leather stitches....its crazy...I mean when you see the toothbrush, cotton buds, the expensive products Rodger uses and the attention to every detail in the car, you would expect a unique result.
Lets move to the outside Ah!! The outside was like a mirror. Everywhere, glass, lights, panels, all glossy...but not the fake glossy, you can tell sometimes when waxing a car has gone wrong. No, with Rodger it was as brand new from the dealership. You can see yourself from every bit of the outside. What was really funny is that Roger remembers every bit of the car because when the job is finished, he took me to a couple deep scratches that he could not fix because of their depth... I couldn't even see the scratches but with some efforts yes, but Rodger explained that the scratch could be seen from this angle but not that angle...:) Anyway, the guy has a true car passion because only passion can drive you that far. The only bad thing about Rodger is that you try to book him today, you will get a spot in couple of weeks.
At the end, I said to Rodger what can I do to thank you more, he said write something on the website and here I am...and I hope the words describe the outstanding work. Thank You Rodger.

Charlie - Rouse Hill

John Holden - APS Versiclad Moorebank NSW
Happy Mazda 3 Customer.

Many thanks to Direct Auto Detailing for the outstanding  job that was carried out on my vehicle. My vehicle had had an accident and was returned to me in poor condition. On picking up my vehicle I could not have been more pleased. I would have no trouble in recommending any model of  vehicle to be left in there care.

Susan - Stanhope Gardens

Hi Rodger,
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but as you know I have not been well. I couldn't believe my eyes when I picked the car up from SAAB service. When you said that you can't make any promises but should be able to get most of the scratches out of the paint, I wasn't expecting to be getting a car that looks better than it did when I bought it. You really are the master of understatement.

Mick at SAAB service even commented on the mirror finish, he wanted to know what I had done to the car, I hope you don't mind but I have passed your details on to him, so you may get a call.

I am really beyond words to express my thanks to you, please feel free to use this note on your website to promote your business, I hope that it will get you more customers, you really deserve it.

If there is anything I can do to help promote your business just give me a call.

Y Card - Castle Hill - NSW