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Clear Coat or Pigment Free Top Coat
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Most modern cars use a clear coat paint system. The pigmented layer of paint, whether a solid colour, metallic or pearlescent, is covered with a layer of clear paint to provide a higher gloss and a "deeper" look. So far so good. But the surface of any paint, even the newer ceramic clearcoat, is vulnerable to scratches and oxidation. In the past, abrasive rubbing compound could be used to polish out these imperfections. Clear Coat is thinner, and using most of the everyday abrasives is trickier. Removing too much paint will leave the pigment layer exposed, necessitating a respray with more clear coat.

Xpert 1000 Ultra and 1500 Hi Tech Polish is safe to use on all paint finishers including clear coat. Using the three stage process from wool to white foam and finally the black foam buffing pad you would only be removing 3 microns off the surface and the majority of that is air-born contaminants clinging to your paint. Remember the average human hair is 10 microns across.  Scratches that have gone through the clear coat layer cannot be polished out. You'll either have to live with them or respray the entire panel.
Polishing & Waxing
After washing the car, inspect the paint. Stains and scratches can be attacked with a good clear coat safe cleaner. We recommend Xpert 1500 Hi Tech Polish and the wool buff pad. Then machine buff. Polishing and/or waxing is next using Xpert Crystal Carnauba Wax. Be sure to include doorjambs, and the areas beneath door hinges and behind bumpers. Minor blemishes may be neutralised by wrapping a cotton cloth around your index finger and burnishing the polish into the finish.
Minor scratches can be polished off with Xpert 1500 Hi Tech Polish.
Scratches that go through the clear coat into the pigment must be repaired professionally.
The polymers in the Xpert 1500 Hi Tech Polish don't fill in minute scratches in the clear coat layer, they eliminate them restoring its clarity. If you machine buff the polish/wax to a high lustre, go with an random orbital (also called a DA duel action polisher) rather than a rotary model, which would be more likely to burn the paint, the DA provides an offset action which mimics the motion of the human hand. Treat the plastic chrome on today's cars as if it were a painted surface and protect it with a light coat of wax.  We recommend that you wax your car at least once every three months - more if the car is exposed to harsh conditions. When it
comes to deciding if it's time for a new coat of wax, the time-honoured water beading test can't be topped. While you are doing the wash pre rinse, notice how the water drops bead up. If the drops are more than one-half inch diameter, or if the water tends to sit flat as in the photo on the left, then a fresh wax job is a good idea.

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